1. 새내기 세미나 준비  ([NSDI’13] Effective Straggler Mitigation Attack of the Clones)
발표 자료의 전반적인 흐름을 잡음. 모르는 내용은 제외하고 발표 자료를 대강 완성함. 내일은 Evaluation Result 부분을 마저 읽고, 모르는 부분을 정리해 대우 형께 여쭤봐야겠다. Related work, Evaluation Result를 대강 해서는 안 된다고 한다. 특정 인자에 대한 sensitivity에 관한 것도 물어보기도 한다고 함.

2. 영어 기사 읽기
1) ‘It will get worse’: Ebola outbreak cripples west Africa, threatens beyond, CNN
– ‘It will get worse’: Ebola outbreak cripples west Africa, threatens beyond (cripple – 불구로 만들다)
– That’s what government and humanitarian officials said Wednesday, as they struggled to corral an outbreak that has crippled parts of Liberia, Sierre Leone and Guinea and stirred palpable concerns that it will spread around the region and the world.(corral – 울타리 안으로 몰아넣다)
– “… The dire prognosis is that it will get worse before it gets better.” (dire – 심각한, prognosis – 예후)
– The dangers are so real that some humanitarian organizations are pulling out to protect their own. (pull out – 옆으로 빠져나가다)
As of now, the outbreak has been confined to west Africa. (as of now – 현재로서는)

2) The hackers who recovered NASA’s lost lunar photos, Wired
– Sitting incongruously among the hangars and laboratories of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley is the squat facade of an old McDonald’s. (incongruously – 조화되지 않게, squat – 쪼그리고 앉다)
– You won’t get a burger there, though — its cash registers and soft-serve machines have given way to old tape drives and modern computers run by a rogue team of hacker engineers who’ve rechristened the place McMoon’s. (rogue – 악당, rechristen – 다시 명명하다)
– These self-described techno-archaeologists have been on a mission to recover and digitize forgotten photos taken in the ’60s by a quintet of scuttled lunar satellites. (archaeologists – 고고학자)
– The brilliant and ballsy engineering was typical of NASA during its golden age, a time when it was also more closely linked to other government agencies with an interest in taking pictures from space. (ballsy – 배짱 있는)
– After the low-fi printing, the tapes were shoved into boxes and forgotten. (shove – 처넣다)
– After kluging through countless engineering problems (try finding a chemical substitute for whale oil to lubricate tape heads), the LOIRP team was able to single out and reproduce the famous earthrise image. (kluge – 미 속어. 컴퓨터 시스템이 뒤엉킨, 설계가 나쁜)

3) MH17 crash site: Dangers delay investigators; Ukraine warns of mines, CNN
– The road isn’t easy — past shelling and eerie separatist checkpoints. But where it leads is harder still. (eerie – 괴상한)
– The crash site still reeks of jet fuel and the stench of decay. (reek – 지독한 악취를 풍기다, stench – 악취)
– Shrapnel holes are visible in the cockpit’s remains. (shrapnel – 파편, cockpit – 조종석)
– Dutch investigators in Ukraine did not mention mines but announced Wednesday that unsafe conditions kept their contingent from visiting the crash site for the fourth straight day. (contingent – 대표단)
– CNN could not independently confirm the veracity of the statement by the Ukrainian officials, though CNN’s team traveled to and from the debris field safely Wednesday. (veracity – 진실성)
– But Obama downplayed the comparison Tuesday. (downplay – 경시하다)

4) Deadliest ever outbreak of Ebola virus: What you need to know, CNN
– The WHO says “drastic action is needed” to contain Ebola, warning that previously undetected chains of transmission is boosting the numbers of sick and increasing the chances that the disease spreads from Africa. (contain – 억제하다)
– The Ebola virus causes viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF), which according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), refers to a group of viruses that affect multiple organ systems in the body and are often accompanied by bleeding. (hemorrhagic – 출혈의)
– Early symptoms include sudden onset of fever, weakness, muscle pain, headaches and a sore throat. (onset – 시작)

3. 2014/07/24부터 운동할 때 보는 미드를 오피스에서 모던 패밀리로 바꿈.
빅뱅이론은 말이 너무 빨라서 도움이 안 됐고, 오피스는 재미가 없었다. 모던 패밀리는 대화도 적당히 빠르고, 표현도 일상적이라 좋다. 재미도 있다.

4. [CSUR’14] Memory encryption A survey of existing techniques 읽는 중.

5. 리눅스 커널 스터디 준비

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