종료 조건을 맞추고, 반복 횟수에 대해 parametrized design을 적용함.
알고 보니, 잘못 구현했었다.
dual port SRAM을 사용한 FIFO를 구현해야 하는데, SRAM을 구현했다.
급하게 다시 제대로 구현해 제출함.

2. gem5-gpu
어제 돌아가던 벤치마크들은 아직도 실행 중이다. /rodinia/lavaMD가 오늘 저녁에 종료되어 있었음.

([ISCA’13] Flicker A Dynamically Adaptive Architecture for Power Limited Multicore Systems)
미래의 마이크로 프로세서들은 전력 제한이 더 엄격해진다. 따라서 전력 제한에 재빠르게 적응하며 실행할 수 있는 프로세서가 필요하다. 지금까지 DVFS, core-level gating 등이 제안되었으나, DVFS는 한계에 다다랐고, core-level gating은 coarse grained하게 전력 요구량을 조절할 수밖에 없다는 단점이 있다. 이를 해결하고자 이 논문에서는 Flicker라는 새로운 아키텍쳐를 제안한다. lane level granularity로 전력량을 조절하겠다는 아키텍쳐이다. (optimize at lane granularity) 이를 위해 구체적으로는, 총 세 단계를 거쳐 어떻게 각 lane을 활성화할 것인지 결정한다. (어떤 lane을 활성화할 것인지) 먼저 각 조합에서의 성능을 sampling하고, 이를 사용해 추세선을 그린다. 그리고 최적의 lane 조합으로 실행한다.

4.영어 기사 읽기
1) Mystery of Death Valley’s “Wandering Stones” Explained [Video], Scientific American
– Until now, no one has been able to explain why hundreds of rocks scoot unseen across the playa surface, creating trails behind them like children dragging sticks through the mud. (scoot – 서둘러 가다)
– Geologists previously speculated that some combination of wind, rain and ice would have a role. (speculate – 추측하다, 투기하다)
– And on January 9, James Norris returned to the playa with Lorenz and was able to record video of the roving rocks. (rove – 방랑하다)

2) Social Sciences Suffer from Severe Publication Bias, Scientific American
– When an experiment fails to produce an interesting effect, researchers often shelve the data and move on to another problem. (shelve – 선반에 얹다, 보류하다)

3) How Has Stephen Hawking Lived to 70 with ALS?, Scientific American
– But like his mind, Hawking’s illness seems to be singular. (singular – 이상한)
– Most patients with ALS—also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, for the famous baseball player who succumbed to the disease—are diagnosed after the age of 50 and die within five years of their diagnosis. (succumb – 굴복하다, 무릎을 꿇다)
– Why has Hawking lived so long with this malady when so many other people die so soon after diagnosis? (malady – 병)
– ALS, which is also known as a motor-neuron disease—and colloquially as Lou Gehrig’s disease in the U.S.—is a neurodegenerative disease. (colloquially – 구어체로)
– So some of these patients can actually develop dementia, called frontal-temporal lobe dementia. (dementia – 치매)
– the motor neurons running the diaphragm (diaphragm – 횡격막)
– Juvenile-onset is diagnosed in the teenage years, and I don’t know enough about his course to say.(onset – 시작)
– If he really isn’t on a ventilator, then it’s his biology (ventilator – 환풍기, 산소호흡기)

4) Google Launches Guest Mode For Chrome Beta, TechCrunch

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