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1. 영어 기사 읽기 1) Snail’s Venom Puts Fish in Insulin Coma, Scientific American – Well, true, the fish can dart away. (dart away – 잽싸게 도망치다) – She and her colleagues discovered that the cone snail’s venom contains not

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1. 영어 기사 읽기 1) Gaming to death: What turns a hobby into a health hazard?, CNN – Throughout my research career I have argued that although all addictions have particular and idiosyncratic characteristics, they share more commonalities than differences

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1. 영어 기사 읽기 1) Why a Messy Workspace Undermines Your Persistence, HBR – In one of our experiments, more than 100 undergraduates were exposed either to an uncluttered space or to a work area where papers, folders, and cups

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1. 영어 기사 읽기 1) Rival Space Internets Vie For Sky Pie, Scientific American – Rival Space Internets Vie For Sky Pie (vie – 어떤 것을 차지하기 위해 경쟁하다) 2) Post claims one Japanese ISIS hostage beheaded; new demand made,

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PSSH Installation

PSSH provides parallel versions of OpenSSH and related tools. Included are pssh, pscp, prsync, pnuke, and pslurp. The project includes psshlib which can be used within custom applications. 여러 대의 컴퓨터에 실험 환경을 동시에 구성하고자 PSSH를 설치했다. PSSH는 SSH와 관련된

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1. 영어 기사 읽기 1) Tech Consequences Voiced By Carnegie Mellon Prez, Scientific American 2) Fate of Japanese hostages unknown as ISIS deadline apparently passes, CNN – But ISIS appears unswayed. (unswayed – 영향을 받지 않는) – In his communication

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1. 영어 기사 읽기 1) The Pros and Cons of Doing One Thing at a Time, HBR – It goes against my ingrained task-juggling habit, which I’ve come to believe is why I can hit my multiple, ever-changing deadlines. (ingrained

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